End Of An Era

May 18th, 2017

Today is a sad day. We no longer have enough members to continue the team, so our last match has been played 🙁

The Blog will vanish when the domain expires in September, but the main site will be archived at https://dd.colinjones.co.uk. Note, this doesn’t yet exist, I’ll update this post when it’s done.

2016 – 2017 Season

July 28th, 2016

Well as the admin for this blog is once again the team secretary I intend to provide more updates this season, starting now.

I’ve been a busy bee today, updating the main site in readiness for the season’s start on (for us) 8th September.

Fixtures are online here.

I’ve updated links to remove dead ones and done some tidying up.

I’ve also created a Google Calendar that I’ll be sharing with the team.

I’ve also, also created a 30 page (!) Score Book spreadsheet, that I’ll share with edit rights for those who will be filling in when I’m working, and making generally available to the team for reading.

Let’s finally move the team fully into the information age! I just wish the league secretary would do the same 😉

Holy Crap! A New Post!

December 26th, 2014

It’s only a short one letting you know we’re still alive.

We now have a page on G+ and the link has been added to the side bar.

Feel free to add us to your Circles 🙂

A Great Loss

December 31st, 2011

I’ve had some very sad news today. One of our longest standing members, and one of my longest friends, John Porter, passed away this morning due to a brain tumour.

I’m deeply stunned by this news and I pass my deepest regrets to Gill and Steve.

New Season

September 20th, 2010

Well, the new season starts today, and it’s a fresh start.

We’re now in the Combined Cardiff Clubs Skittles League. Being new to this league we have to start at the bottom. I wonder if we’ll go up this year 😉

Finally, some updates!

January 20th, 2010

Today I managed to get around to updating the averages, results (in Fixtures) and, amazingly, the gallery (Team) 🙂

Many new pictures and descriptions updated for the newer version of Gallery.

Team Profiles Updated

December 14th, 2008

I’ve finally got around to updating the team profiles.

Just check out the Team link from here or the menu on the main pages.

Home to Llandaf Rugby Club

May 21st, 2007

Last match of the season, at home and still without a win on our new alley!

First roll we started ok, picked up through the middle and scorched to the end giving us a blistering 67! They responded  with a dissapointing 53.

Second roll we started really well, kept up the hot pace through mid-roll and dropped a little to the end but still finishing with a superb 70! They managed a normally decent 57 this time.

Third roll was a poor start, continuing slack through mid-roll and little improvement to the end gave us a surprisingly pathetic 49. They struck back with a welcome 64.

Fourth roll we had another shaky start, then woke up through mid-roll and kept pace to the finish giving us another burning 67! They came back with a boring 55.

Fifth and final roll of the season and the starters pooped out, picked up somewhat through the middle and kept improving to the end to give us a very decent 60 and a grand total of 313! They managed to scrape a middling 56 giving them a grand total of 285 and us our first win on our new alley on the last game of the season. Result!

Away to The Crofts

May 21st, 2007

Last away match of the season, let’s put some effort in!

First roll they set the pace with a decent 59. We started below par, picked up through the middle then let it slip to the end leaving us with a middling 55.

Second roll they hit another tidy 59. We started well this time, burned through mid-roll and apart from Radar’s duck made decent progress to the end giving us an impressive 65.

Third roll they woke up and hit an welcome 61. We staretd quite well, stumbled a bit through the middle and fell over at the end leaving us with an average 55.

Fourth roll they hit a blinding 70! We started well enough again, improved somewhat through mid-roll but let down yet again by the tail enders to give us a normally tidy 59.

Fifth and final roll they lost momentum and only managed a poor 53 giving them a grand total of 302. With one trip we started off on the right track, showed promise through the middle and a marked improvement from the end players gave us a great 64, but with a grand total of 300 we lost what was a very close match.

Home to Craddock

May 21st, 2007

Coming close to the end of the season now and still yet to win a game on our home alley.

First roll we started quite well, slipped through the middle and stumbled to the end leaving us with a less than welcome 54. They set the pace with a decent 59.

Second roll we started  quite well again, almost fell over mid-roll but picked up towards the tail end to leave us with a poor 52. They responded with another adequate 57.

Third roll was a mixed start with a welcome 9 from Clive! kept up the pressure through the middle and a scorching finish gave us an impressive 64. They came back with an almost as impressive 61, keeping us on our toes.

Fourth roll we started badly, burned through mid-roll and then coasted to the end to leave us with a tidy 57. They hit a superb 65 in response, extending their lead even further.

Fifth roll was very mixed but the middle players were more consistent, which was continued to the end leaving us with an average 56 and a grand total of 283. They could only manage a disappointing 52 in response but it was enough to win the match with a grand total of 294.